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Google Ads Experiments - Search Scientists
Shire Lyon

Learn How to Start Google Ads Experiments

If you have any experience with Google Ads or with PPC ads in general, then you understand it’s a lot like cooking. You may have an initial recipe, but things can only be improved through experimentation. That’s where Google Ads Experiments come into play.

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How to Set Up Google Analytics to Get a Bird's-Eye View on Your PPC Traffic | Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

How to Set Up Google Analytics to Get a Bird’s-Eye View on Your PPC Traffic

You spend a lot of time creating PPC campaigns and optimizing to make your ads stand out from your competition. But how much time do you spend breaking down your data and analyzing your audience? What tool is at your fingertips to help you deliver better ad messages to your audiences?

The answer is Google Analytics! This is the place where you go to get a bird’s-eye view of your website’s performance across all channels.

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Marketing Trends 2019 - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

6 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore for the Rest of 2019

The digital marketing landscape in 2019 is undergoing some dramatic changes. There are a number of new digital marketing strategies and trends that are starting to assume importance in this landscape that encompasses SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC.

These include elements such as voice search and artificial intelligence, which not too long ago, might have been dismissed as the stuff of sci-fi movies.

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The No-Hassle Guide to Granting Facebook Advertiser Access | Search Scientists
Andreea Popa

The No-Hassle Guide to Granting Facebook Advertiser Access

Do you need access to your client’s Facebook Ads account but find yourself overwhelmed when it comes time to do it? Granting the access can feel intimidating if you don’t know your way around.

While it might feel like wandering around a Minecraft world, don’t panic! We’ll give you the map to requesting access to your client’s account.

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Get Started With Bing Ads Quickly | Search Scientists
Shire Lyon

Bing Ads Setup – The Quickstart Guide

Most of us use Google Ads and are quite familiar with it. You may have considered Bing Ads in the past but hesitated because you didn’t know how to set it up or thought it didn’t have enough traffic.

With 36% of the US market for searches, Bing is a large audience to be missing out on. The network offers an import directly from Google and easy setup if you’re starting from scratch.

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