We love our clients.

We’re happy to be in a wonderful symbiosis where we can only grow our business by helping our clients grow their own businesses! Here’s what some great people said about us. Read on for Search Scientists Reviews!

"I speak incredibly high of you guys and refer people constantly. You've truly been a pleasure to work with."

"If you don't already have a PPC Ninja, these guys are terrific. Highly recommend their work; we have drawn on their expertise with several clients. All smiles, all around; every time."

"You guys have provided great service over the past couple of years and I’m happy to make a recommendation to anyone out there. Thank you so much for your help!"

"Search Scientists provides valuable, high ROI results. Their hands-on team does the heavy lifting so that in-house, we can continue to focus on managing and growing our core business."

"Working with Shimon, Mike, and the Search Scientists team has been incredible. My AdWords account reached record levels of conversions within a few weeks. The conversions are still growing, while the cost per conversion is shrinking. As a business owner and marketer myself, being able to work with a team that communicates, delivers results, and has a true passion for what they do is exactly what I was looking for. I can't imagine getting my PPC done by anyone else."

Travis Jamison Ppc Testimonial

"I really love working with Michael and Bobby. It's great to be able to shoot over ideas and thoughts and get a response back within a few hours. They are constantly willing to try new ideas with me. When I need a consultant, they are willing to advise. When I need a marketing expert, they are willing to give me direction and write great, compelling ads with the ideas I've given them. The most important part of working with an Adwords marketing company is communication. Things will go wrong and issues will arise, but what's important is how quickly they are handled and that they are handled with professionalism and people that actually care, and that's why I continue to stick with Search Scientists."

"I had worked with PPC managers in the past, and brought Search Scientists in to improve on our current campaigns. We immediately saw lower costs and a lift in conversions. I was impressed with their ppc expertise and some of the ninja moves they implemented with our campaigns. We saw a positive ROI on their from the beginning, thanks to their team."

"A lot of PPC companies will setup your campaign, show some initial results and then sit on a beach drinking strawberry daiquiris on your tab. That's not the case with Search Scientists. They were drinking coffee and taking CILTEP working non-stop on helping us generate more revenue. Even better though is they keep you informed on all of the actions related to your account with Asana. Incredible organization, dedication to your success and knowledge of the ppc environment makes them one of the best service providers out there."

"From the very outset of working with Search Scientists, I was delighted by their professional and thorough attitude.  A kick-off video overview of our store's Adwords account clearly outlined issues and opportunities and gave us a clear picture of the way forward.  All the Adwords strategies they implemented were backed by data and intelligent insights.  Communication throughout the engagement was timely and detailed, with relevant data.  They also responded to comments and questions very quickly and always had excellent answers.  Search Scientists are true professionals of the trade and they're a pleasure to work with.  They will get you results."

"It's clear that going above and beyond is part of the Search Scientists DNA - Immediately after working with Search Scientists, our Adwords accounts improved.... I've been overjoyed to work with and learn from Search Scientists and if anyone is looking for PPC information, I will only direct them to Search Scientists."

“The quality and attention to detail is second to none. we have been very very happy with the work that has been done. Highly recommended.”

"Search Scientists were extremely professional, reliable and knowledgable in the field of adwords PPC. My account manager’s passion is also very refreshing. I plan to hire again."

“This is our 2nd paid traffic campaign with Search Scientists and have been blown away again. Everything from setting up the campaign, detailed reporting, extensive research into your business and of course ROI – Search Scientists covered all the bases. From their exceptional level of professionalism mixed with their constant communication, they work with us to ensure that we are kept in the loop every step of the way. I could not recommend the Search Scientists enough, true experts in their field. Can't wait to work with you on our future campaigns.”

"We had a great experience with Search Scientists. They are very responsive, customer-oriented, and definitely know their stuff. My account manager truly cares about what companies he works with, and does all he can to help it be successful. Excited to continue working with Search Scientists and seeing positive results in our AdWords account”

"The Search Scientists I work with are great PPC managers. They communicate effectively, are smart, and very well organized. I’d definitely recommend working with them."

“Search Scientists have done everything that they committed to and have created an account with tracking methods that I did not even know existed. ”

“Great communication and very knowledgeable. Search Scientists made our entire AdWords experience very smooth and understandable, while realizing an immediate improvement in our results.”

"Search Scientists has launched our business into the stratosphere and has helped us realize the goals we had always hoped were possible … and things only keep getting better. We continue to work with Search Scientists because, simply put, it’s been the best business relationship and experience we’ve ever had."  

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