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We’re happy to be in a wonderful symbiosis where we can only grow our business by helping our clients grow their own businesses! Here’s what some great people said about us.

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“I had worked with PPC managers in the past, and brought Search Scientists in to improve on our current campaigns. We immediately saw lower costs and a lift in conversions. I was impressed with their PPC expertise and some of the ninja moves they implemented with our campaigns. We saw a positive ROI on there from the beginning– thanks to their team.”

Jacob Puhl

OWNER, Firegang digital marketing

“Working with the Search Scientists team has been incredible. My AdWords account reached record levels of conversions within a few weeks. The conversions are still growing while the cost per conversion is shrinking. As a business owner and marketer myself, being able to work with a team that communicates, delivers results, and has a true passion for what they do is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t imagine getting my PPC done by anyone else.”

Travis jamison

OWNER, Supremacy SEO

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