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Native Ads - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

How Your PPC Campaign Can Get A Boost With Native Ads

PPC is a staple of the digital marketing world for a very good reason. But PPC isn’t best in isolation. It peaks when used in combination with other marketing tactics that can complement it, such as native advertising.

But how exactly can you use this tactic? Let’s take a closer look!

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How to drive traffic your store - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

How to Drive Traffic to Your Store with Digital Strategies

Usually, we talk about digital marketing as a means to sell online or drive people to your website. But what about the brick and mortar stores? In 2019, stores with physical locations don’t thrive unless they engage in the same types of activities online shops do.

The question is then, what can I do to get more people through my door?

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Best Google Ads Scripts - Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

How To Harness Google Ads Scripts – Part 2: Our Selection Of 30 Best Google Ads Scripts To Use In 2019

In this article, part two of “How to Harness Google Ads Scripts”, we’ve handpicked 30 insanely actionable Google Ads scripts to help you scale your accounts. From bids management to ads and keywords management, or account anomalies detection, we’ve got them all covered.

Thanks to a bunch of very smart and generous PPC experts who shared them with their fellow marketeers, here is our selection of 30 Google Ads scripts to kick your performance in 2019.

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Seller Fulfilled Prime Vs. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

Seller Fulfilled Prime vs. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) – What’s the difference?

After being around for 13 years and growing to 100 million members, Amazon Prime has clearly become a massive success.
In order to earn the Prime badge, clearly an important part of gaining success when selling on Amazon, you can participate in one of two programs: Seller Fulfillment Prime (SFP) or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
In order to decide which is best for your business, let’s go over these in more detail.

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Google Ads Scripts - Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

How to Harness Google Ads Scripts to Keep Your Account in Tip-Top Shape –
Part 1: Save Time By Automating Your Google Ads Tasks

What if I told you that you can say goodbye to daily reports and to mostly any tedious manual task in Google Ads, and become more productive and efficient? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, think about it! There’s no magic wand, no gimmicks whatsoever, just scripts. Google Ads Scripts will help you keep your accounts in tip top shape.

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Google Ads Conversion Tracking - Search Scientists
Cherie Foo

Google Ads Conversion Tracking vs Google Analytics: Which Makes More Sense For You?

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to monitor your conversions using Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics (for the uninitiated, these are the two most common methods that website owners use to track conversions).

We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each approach, so that you can decide whether using Google Ads Conversion Tracking or Google Analytics is a better fit for you.

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