Get a Predictable Source of Profit for Your Store That Grows Quarter Over Quarter Without a Headache

Finding Ecommerce Paid Traffic Marketing Challenging?

Ecommerce is an extremely competitive landscape. You have competitors not following MAP pricing, shrinking margins, increased advertising costs, SEO roller coasters…

..and it’s not getting any easier.

New competitors sprout daily. Technology is becoming more accessible, and anyone can stumble across how to build an online store. Amazon wants to dominate online shopping even more than they already do – making it even tougher to get in front of customers who are ready to buy – the ones who have their credit cards sitting on their desks – to your website.

If you’re interested in building out a strong foundation of predictable revenue for your e-commerce store, you’re in the right place.

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"Search Scientists has launched our business into the stratosphere and has helped us realize the goals we had always hoped were possible … and things only keep getting better. We continue to work with Search Scientists because, simply put, it’s been the best business relationship and experience we’ve ever had."  

Dr. Marty Hughes

Search Scientists helps e-commerce stores sell more online.

Say goodbye to wishy-washy teams that are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Say goodbye to expensive, unprofitable PPC.

Work with a team that does one thing – and does it very well: Paid traffic for e-commerce stores.

  • We don’t do web design or SEO, and we aren’t here to manage your twitter. 100% of our energy goes into helping you create PPC Campaigns that are a more profitable, more robust source of revenue for your e-commerce store.
  • Put your website and products everywhere your customers are when they are ready to buy. From the top of the sales funnel to comparison shopping to repeat purchases we understand how users buy online. We help you get found and get profitable.

We are proud to be a top-tier Google Certified Partner.


You’re in Good Company When You’re With Search Scientists

From drop-shippers starting out struggling with small margins – to huge brands that get national television exposure – Smart Ecommerce stores trust Search Scientists to manage and grow their paid traffic campaigns.


The Power of the Paid Traffic Umbrella

A lot of customers come to us and always ask about Google. While google is a HUGE network that drives traffic, there are huge advantages to being profitable everywhere.


AdWords Text Ads & AdWords Product Listing Ads

Own the Google Search Engine Result Page, where over 100 billions dollars of economic activity takes place.


BingAds Text Ads & BingAds Product Listing Ads

If you’re profitable on AdWords, it’s very likely you’ll be profitable on BingAds.


YouTube Ads

Do what your competition doesn’t do. And take advantage of the world’s second largest search engine while you’re at it.


Facebook Ads

Reach customers like you never have before. Zappos sells 10 million a year with Facebook Ads, get your slice of the pie.


Amazon Sponsored Products

The traffic on amazon is high converting – outpace your competitors and sell more frequently.


Display Ads

Visually connect with customers at every stage of the sales funnel with advertising on specific websites.



Launch your conversion rate to new heights by bringing back potentially lost visitors.


Better than Money Back Guarantee

If for some strange reason Search Scientists can’t increase your account’s ROI in the first 60 days of our engagement, I’ll send you your money back. IN ADDITION, I’ll personally send over a free video rundown of what we tried, why it may not have worked, and new strategies to explore. If you want to work with another PPC Management company, we’ll happily coordinate with them so they can get up to speed fast. Because at the end of the day, our mission is to help good businesses grow. You’ll walk away with our top professional recommendations, things to look out for, and questions to ask.

With a free consultation, and a free money back guarantee to increase your revenue – you have absolutely nothing to lose. Are you ready to inject new life into your Ecommerce store?

Since we’re far more confident in our PPC skills than our competition is, we can offer something they don’t: a money back guarantee.

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"We had a great experience with Search Scientists. They are very responsive, customer-oriented, and definitely know their stuff. My account manager truly cares about what companies he works with, and does all he can to help it be successful. Excited to continue working with Search Scientists and seeing positive results in our AdWords account”

Dr. Tom Worthen

Are you pumped up about how Search Scientists can rock your paid traffic ROI?