Day 34/100 Of Days Of AdWords Help: Income-Level Segmentation

Day 34/100 of Days of AdWords Help: Income-Level Segmentation

We are back in action on Day 34 of 100 Days of AdWords Help, and we are discussing income-level segmentation! If you missed the last article catch up here. Why It Matters To Stay Ahead Of The Competition If you have ever played a sport competitively, then you understand the desire to find a new technique, play, or style that can give you an advantage over the competition...within the rules of course! With AdWords campaigns, that…

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Day 33/100 Days Of AdWords Help: Bidding More, Not Less!

Day 33/100 Days of AdWords Help: Bidding More, Not Less!

Day 33 of 100 days of AdWords help is here! If you missed the last post catch up here. Today we are discussing why bidding more, not less, will take your campaign to the next level. Why Bidding Less Won't Get You The Results You Want Most conventional advice will usually advocate for spending the least amount of money. This is something we are used to doing in our daily lives, look for the best deals.  While…

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Day 32/100 Of AdWords Help: Adding Keywords Fast

Day 32/100 of AdWords Help: Adding Keywords Fast

Being fast can be smooth when adding keywords We are back with day 32 of 100 days of AdWords help! In case you missed the last article, catch up here. Today, we are going to talk about how to add keywords with speed. Why be fast when adding keywords? Being quick with keyword addition allows for ease of work, optimized campaigns, and staying ahead of the competition. What more could you ask for? Adding keywords is…

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Biggest List Of Universal Negative Keywords

Biggest List of Universal Negative Keywords

Universal Negative Keywords What is more annoying: having to pay for extra guacamole or losing money because your ads appear for irrelevant searches? All things tasty aside, there are just some search queries you never want your ads to appear for. In a previous post, we touched on Negative Keyword Lists, however, today’s topic is another type of negative keyword called Universal Negative Keywords. Ultimately, Universal Negative Keyword Lists are a permanent block list for your…

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What’s Faster? AdWords Editor Or Negative Keyword Lists?

What’s Faster? AdWords Editor or Negative Keyword Lists?

Advertisers spend a lot of time building out extensive lists of keywords that they want to get clicks for, however, that same focus is necessary for negative keywords that you don't want to relate to your campaigns. This is when Negative Keyword Lists come in. Before we go any further make sure to check out this blog post for more on negative keywords. Campaign management is all about saving time and money. Using keyword lists saves us a lot…

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How To Calculate Your Target ROAS And ACOS For PPC

How to Calculate Your Target ROAS and ACOS for PPC

Just think. There are 1,000's of advertisers running ads right now without knowing what their ROAS or ACOS targets are. They operate on feelings: "it FEELS like things are improving." They are then doomed since their optimization can't be centered around a target. Don't be doomed. Calculate your minimum ROAS and maximum ACOS with this video.
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How It Happened: Growing Amazon PPC Campaigns From 6-Figure To 7-Figure Monthly Revenue In 6 Months (Without Needing Black Friday)

How It Happened: Growing Amazon PPC Campaigns from 6-Figure to 7-Figure Monthly Revenue in 6 Months (Without Needing Black Friday)

When Ultra* first came to us, they had very common issues in their Amazon PPC account. These ranged from search term management, bids, and campaign structure. Our PPC techniques, combined with Ultra’s great brand recognition in their industry, resulted in explosive growth for the Amazon Account. Ultimately, we helped Ultra cross the mythical “7-Figure-Revenue at single-digit ACOS PPC Campaign” threshold, something we’re thrilled to be a part of.
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