Biggest List Of Universal Negative Keywords

Biggest List of Universal Negative Keywords

Universal Negative Keywords What is more annoying: having to pay for extra guacamole or losing money because your ads appear for irrelevant searches? All things tasty aside, there are just some search queries you never want your ads to appear for. In a previous post, we touched on Negative Keyword Lists, however, today’s topic is another type of negative keyword called Universal Negative Keywords. Ultimately, Universal Negative Keyword Lists are a permanent block list for your…

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What’s Faster? AdWords Editor Or Negative Keyword Lists?

What’s Faster? AdWords Editor or Negative Keyword Lists?

Advertisers spend a lot of time building out extensive lists of keywords that they want to get clicks for, however, that same focus is necessary for negative keywords that you don't want to relate to your campaigns. This is when Negative Keyword Lists come in. Before we go any further make sure to check out this blog post for more on negative keywords. Campaign management is all about saving time and money. Using keyword lists saves us a lot…

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How To Calculate Your Target ROAS And ACOS For PPC

How to Calculate Your Target ROAS and ACOS for PPC

Just think. There are 1,000's of advertisers running ads right now without knowing what their ROAS or ACOS targets are. They operate on feelings: "it FEELS like things are improving." They are then doomed since their optimization can't be centered around a target. Don't be doomed. Calculate your minimum ROAS and maximum ACOS with this video.
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How It Happened: Growing Amazon PPC Campaigns From 6-Figure To 7-Figure Monthly Revenue In 6 Months (Without Needing Black Friday)

How It Happened: Growing Amazon PPC Campaigns from 6-Figure to 7-Figure Monthly Revenue in 6 Months (Without Needing Black Friday)

When Ultra* first came to us, they had very common issues in their Amazon PPC account. These ranged from search term management, bids, and campaign structure. Our PPC techniques, combined with Ultra’s great brand recognition in their industry, resulted in explosive growth for the Amazon Account. Ultimately, we helped Ultra cross the mythical “7-Figure-Revenue at single-digit ACOS PPC Campaign” threshold, something we’re thrilled to be a part of.
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Search Scientists Principle 1: We Do What We Say

Search Scientists Principle 1: We Do What We Say

This post is the first in a series outlining Search Scientists Principles. The Principles series will highlight a series of guidelines we use to manage our relationships, campaign optimizations, and our company. These principles are what sets Search Scientists apart from other companies - both online and offline. Thanks, Marcus Lemonis If you're like me, you love business-entertainment shows. When you're not hustling away at the latest project, learning the latest online marketing technique, and polishing…

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How To Use AdWords Call Extensions [AdWords Help Day 31/100]

How to Use AdWords Call Extensions [AdWords Help Day 31/100]

All About AdWords Call Extensions It's tough to design compelling online ads with attractive descriptions. It can be especially difficult when you want to include things like your business phone number. You risk wasting precious characters on mere digits. Instead, maybe you’re hoping your ad is intriguing enough to entice leads to click on it and be redirected to your site. But is there an easier way? The resounding answer is “yes!” This is where…

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Day 30 Of 100 Days Of Adwords Help: How And Why To Track Your Quality Score

Day 30 of 100 Days of Adwords Help: How and Why to Track Your Quality Score

Mastering the art of AdWords requires a solid understanding of quality score. Why? There's a direct positive correlation between quality score and pay per click (PPC) success. Recently, I've written about how quality score optimization helps lower cost per click (CPC) and enables campaigns to achieve higher ROI. The crazy part? AdWords hides crucial information on how your quality score has changed over time. Today, I'll show you a few different ways to track this…

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3 AdWords Rules We Use On Every Campaign [29/100 Days Of AdWords Help]

3 AdWords Rules We Use on Every Campaign [29/100 Days of AdWords Help]

3 AdWords Rules Every Campaign Needs This post is part of a series: 100 Days of AdWords Help The robots are taking over. Don't worry, John Connor. This post will help you keep watch over your campaigns like Skynet. Think about it. AdWords Rules can help you do all kinds of things. Our favorite use? Turning AdWords Rules into a 24/7/365 watchdog, monitoring your campaigns. Sending you an alert anytime your keywords run wild. These…

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What’s Exact Match Impression Share? 28/100 Days Of AdWords Help

What’s Exact Match Impression Share? 28/100 Days of AdWords Help

I audit around 150 AdWords accounts every year. That's about three different accounts a week. Today, I'll discuss one of the most important metrics in these audits: Exact Match Impression Share. This metric will tell me a bunch of important health signs about the campaigns. Primarily: Is the campaign wasting a bunch of money on irrelevant clicks? Pretty important metric to be aware of huh? The important metric we're talking about today is: Exact Match…

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Foundations Of Retargeting: The Bottom Of Funnel List

Foundations of Retargeting: The Bottom of Funnel List

What happens to most of the people that visit your website? They leave, of course. Your credentials don't matter. Your product or service quality are irrelevant. It's a rule of human nature on the internet that most people will not be ready to buy when they view your site. Call it the "Law of the Non-Converting Majority". For most websites, their conversion rates for purchases hover in the low single digit range. Start thinking of…

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