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Universal App Campaigns - UAC - Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) – Appvertising In Style

Ever since their appearance, Universal App Campaigns have caused a bit of a stir, and have been received with a certain level of concern. Should we trust the algorithms? Are we losing control? These are questions that may have arisen in marketers’ minds.

In this article we will reveal the mysteries of how UAC works, where it can run, how to create it, and how to optimize it for success.

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Bing Ads - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

Bing Ads – Why You Should Embrace This Platform and Improve Your Bottom Line

As marketers, we get so caught up in Google Ads that we may forget any other search engines exist. Bing often gets swept to the side when we create marketing strategies and look for ways to expand our advertising.

But there are many reasons why it’s worth a second look. Think of using Bing Ads as a chance to hang out at the private beach over a day of lying on a crowded beach.

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LinkedIn Ads - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

Creating Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign – Part 1: The Low-Down On LinkedIn Ad Formats

When it comes to advertising reach, LinkedIn Ads can’t hold a candle to Google Ads… but does that mean you should write LinkedIn off immediately?

No, of course not.

While Google is and will probably always be the go-to platform for advertisers from around the globe, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a hot favorite among those who want to reach out to B2B decision makers.

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Average Position Sunset Google Ads - Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

Google Ads To Remove the Average Position Metric:
How Will Marketers Live Without It?

You’ve probably heard the news. You’ve probably even panicked a bit. Google has recently announced that they are preparing one of their oldest metrics’ retirement: the average position metric. 

It’s going to happen in September this year. This means that we’ve got plenty of time to get used to the average position alternative metrics. Are there any? Of course there are!

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Dynamic Search Ads - Search Scientists
Andreea Popa

Day 49 Of 100 Days Of Google Ads Help: Dynamic Search Ads –
Supercharge Your PPC Account

Howdy, Search Scientists friends! In today’s post, we are going to talk about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), Google Ads’ solution for you to increase your PPC campaigns’ reach and drive incremental volume to your website.

We’ll cover a lot of things, including what Dynamic Search Ads are, how their targeting works, who should use them and what their benefits are, and much more.

Let’s dive right in!

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Conversion Rate Optimization - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

Conversion Rate Optimization:
How to Go from Bounce to Sale

You may have looked at your website analytics lately and found that people are visiting, but they’re not filling out your lead form, or calling, or buying. No conversions mean your website isn’t doing its job, but how do you fix it?

You need to take a closer look to Conversion Rate Optimization!

Read on, we’re talking about seven valuable strategies that you can use for improving your website’s conversion rate.

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