Today We Talk About Universal Negative Keyword Lists

Biggest List of Universal Negative Keywords

Universal Negative Keywords

What is more annoying: having to pay for extra guacamole or losing money because your ads appear for irrelevant searches? All things tasty aside, there are just some search queries you never want your ads to appear for. In a previous post, we touched on Negative Keyword Lists, however, today’s topic is another type of negative keyword called Universal Negative Keywords.

Ultimately, Universal Negative Keyword Lists are a permanent block list for your campaigns. By and large, there are just some search queries that will have a higher chance of not being relevant to most people’s campaigns. Example: 2nd Hand, Career, or Gambling.

Of course here at Search Scientists, we want you to have the best campaigns possible. So in that spirit, we want to share a gift! Here is an extensive list of Universal Negative Keyword Lists that you will find useful(Link).

Make sure to look through the list and see if there are any keywords you may actually need. Once that’s done go ahead and add it to your own Negative Keyword List. Meanwhile, check out this video going more in depth on Universal Negative Keyword Lists.


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  • Universal Negative Keyword Lists are keywords that are always going to be irrelevant to your campaign
  • Using Negative Keyword Lists helps to prevent losses
  • Examples of Universal Negative Keywords: 2nd Hand, Gambling, Career