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Content Advertising - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

The Digital Ad Campaign EVERY Online Business Should Be Running

Many business owners think spending their hard-earned cash on digital ads means making a boatload of sales instantly.

We’re going to talk about the importance of putting money behind something else — content advertising.

To many brands, the idea of paying to run ads that actually help people (ads promoting content) will sound completely alien. After all, you aren’t a charity! If you can’t see an immediate ROI from your ad spend, why should you even bother?

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PPC KPIS - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

4 PPC KPIs to Measure in Your Campaigns

Understanding which PPC KPIs are most relevant to your campaigns’ success, indicative of your performance, and most likely to impact your bottom line can be a tough thing to do, especially when there are so many options to choose from.

There are many basic PPC KPIs to start with. Here are a few ideas.

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Native Ads - Search Scientists
The Search Sci Contributors

How Your PPC Campaign Can Get A Boost With Native Ads

PPC is a staple of the digital marketing world for a very good reason. But PPC isn’t best in isolation. It peaks when used in combination with other marketing tactics that can complement it, such as native advertising.

But how exactly can you use this tactic? Let’s take a closer look!

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How to drive traffic your store - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

How to Drive Traffic to Your Store with Digital Strategies

Usually, we talk about digital marketing as a means to sell online or drive people to your website. But what about the brick and mortar stores? In 2019, stores with physical locations don’t thrive unless they engage in the same types of activities online shops do.

The question is then, what can I do to get more people through my door?

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