100 Days of AdWords Help

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A little Google Ads help can go a long way

Why AdWords Help?

There are some pretty disastrous things that can happen even from the slightest mistakes inside a Google Ads account.

Yeah, there are official AdWords support pages, but they sometimes sound like a car manual. 

Yeah, it will explain how many liters the engine is, but it doesn’t tell you how to really handle it. Business owners want more than just a ‘how to set it up’ and ‘how to manage ads’.

They want help on making it more profitable. More qualified customers, more leads, more products sold.

You’ve landed in the right spot. At Search Scientists, we’ll be going over 100 days of AdWords help

Stay tuned, subscribe, and we’ll see you at a more profitable account! 

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Universal App Campaigns - UAC - Search Scientists
Claudia Ramba

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) – Appvertising In Style

Ever since their appearance, Universal App Campaigns have caused a bit of a stir, and have been received with a certain level of concern. Should we trust the algorithms? Are we losing control? These are questions that may have arisen in marketers’ minds.

In this article we will reveal the mysteries of how UAC works, where it can run, how to create it, and how to optimize it for success.

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Dynamic Search Ads - Search Scientists
Andreea Popa

Day 49 Of 100 Days Of Google Ads Help: Dynamic Search Ads –
Supercharge Your PPC Account

Howdy, Search Scientists friends! In today’s post, we are going to talk about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), Google Ads’ solution for you to increase your PPC campaigns’ reach and drive incremental volume to your website.

We’ll cover a lot of things, including what Dynamic Search Ads are, how their targeting works, who should use them and what their benefits are, and much more.

Let’s dive right in!

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Google shopping campaigns | Search Scientists
Andreea Popa

Knock Out Your Competition in 2019 with This Reverse-engineering Google Shopping Campaigns Structure

“There’s nothing else we could have done to increase our profit in 2018!” – said no ecommerce business owner ever.

No matter how hard you try, there are always opportunities to sell more. By the end of this article, you’ll have learned advanced strategies on what you need to do in order to have stellar Google Shopping Campaigns in 2019. We’ll help you break sales records and find your own kaizen into the Shopping Ads world.

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Andreea Popa

Day 47 of 100 Days of AdWords Help:
8 Smart Bid Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Smart cars, smart TVs, SMART goals, smart people, smart ideas, smart money, and the list could go on. The word ‘smart’ is following us everywhere. So why not talk about smart bidding strategies?

Smart Bidding is the en vogue marketing concept that refers to Google Ads automated bid strategies. It uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value, all auction-based.

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