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Day 45 Of AdWords Help: Keep Your AdWords Ad Groups Tight

Keep your AdWords ad groups and campaigns organized, and focused!

There’s nothing uglier to a PPC-er than opening a campaign and seeing 100 broad match keywords. It’s a nightmare, and more often than not, a money-pit.

How should I organize my adwords ad groups?

At Search Scientists, we recommend no more than 10 keywords for any given ad group. 

If you sell multiple product types, keep it to one product per ad group. Tighten it down to mostly exact match keywords with a broad or modified broad to use for cold traffic exploratory purposes. 

The same goes for a services business. If you offer website audits, as well as brand new site builds, keep those separated.

Craft your ads to reflect your tightly-focused ad group

The number one reason beyond organization and keeping your sanity is you can better craft your ad copy. 

Getting your ads honed into exactly what you’re offering is key to improving the three components of quality score – ad relevance, landing page relevance, and click-through rate

Have at least two ads per ad group for testing purposes. Set some reminders for yourself to check back at least once per month to identify a winning ad, then replace it with a new test.

If you take the time to review your ad groups, and split them out as needed, you’ll be able to better navigate a cleaner, healthier AdWords account.

This post is part of the 100 Days of AdWords Help series. You can also subscribe to the Search Scientists YouTube channel for insightful videos on all things Paid Traffic.

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