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What’s Faster? AdWords Editor or Negative Keyword Lists?

Advertisers spend a lot of time building out extensive lists of keywords that they want to get clicks for, however, that same focus is necessary for negative keywords that you don’t want to relate to your campaigns. This is where Negative Keyword Lists come in. 

Before we go any further make sure to check out this blog post for more on negative keywords.

Campaign management is all about saving time and money. Using keyword lists saves us a lot of time compared to using manual input, especially when considering how extensive keyword lists can get. Also, when working on campaigns, missing negative keywords can result in unnecessary losses to your budget.

The name of the game is ROI, and each time an ad is clicked based on search queries that you don’t want to be associated with, it is only costing your campaign money.

So, let’s give a little time and love to our negative keywords and learn how to speed up the process of adding them in! Here is a great video showing you how to get started maximizing this part of your campaign:

Building Negative Keyword Lists

  • Negative Keywords are terms you don’t want to trigger your ad
    • Example: I sell Hydration packs, I don’t want to be found for Hydration Powders.
  • Two options for adding Negative Keywords to AdWords
    • Manual addition to each campaign = More control but slower
    • Negative Keyword Lists to all campaigns = Faster but less control
  • Negative Keyword Lists are for negative terms you want to add to multiple campaigns
  • This allows for quick additions of all negative keywords to your campaigns.
  • Excel is a great tool to manage and add negative keyword lists to the AdWords Editor
  • Excel allows you to create extensive table lists of keywords that you can add all at once to the AdWords Editor.

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