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PPC Myths Vs. Reality: Top 3 Benefits of PPC Management Services

In the previous article, we talked about when it’s the right time to make the transition from managing your own PPC campaigns to outsourcing them to a team of PPC experts.

We’re following up on the last video with the Top 3 Benefits of PPC Management Services:

Video Transcript

Hey ya’ll, it’s Jessica from Search Scientists again, with a follow up to my last video on when it’s time to hand your PPC over to professional management. Let’s talk now about what the benefits are! Of course, there are many, but these are really the top three benefits for most of our clients.

1. A Dedicated PPC Team

Sure, PPC Campaign Managers have lives just like you, but they’re not spending large portions of the day running the other facets of a business like you are – their entire job is to be on top of every aspect, large and small, of your campaigns.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your PPC management is having a team working for you that is solely focused on one thing: the health and growth of your paid traffic campaigns.

This is an example of one of our client’s project management board – so many tasks to do on any given day! Each of these tasks can take from 15 to 60 minutes – which really eats away at your time when your business is growing.

ppc management services - client dashboard in asana

2. Access to numerous PPC Tools and Resources

Your dedicated PPC Team has access to tools and resources that you might not know about.

They know the best software, automators, graders, research tools, analytics data readers, optimizers, ad copy tools… the list goes on and on.

There are many options within each of these categories – PPC professionals will know which ones are the best to use for your business model.

3. Advanced paid traffic Knowledge

Even if you do have access to the same resources, you might not have the knowledge of how to implement them properly or efficiently.

A good PPC team knows the ropes and stays on top of the newest and best tools to keep your account in tip-top shape. Because PPC experts are just that – experts!

The world of paid traffic is always evolving, and they need to keep up with their education in order to stay relevant.

Here are the multiple updates Google Ads (AdWords) make every month that you’d have to keep up with:

ppc manangement services - google ads updates

Same thing happens with Facebook Ads:

ppc manangement services - facebook ads updates

Professional campaign managers read PPC news and blogs and learn about new tools and rules and changes as they happen.

This is just the top 7 results out of 32 million! when you search ‘PPC news’:

ppc news

Bonus point: access to the best PPC Reporting tools

They also have access to reporting tools that will show you a useful summary of what’s been happening inside your account from month to month or week to week – so you can see at a glance how much you’re spending, track your most important KPI’s, and keep an eye on your ROI.  Yup, pretty good ROAS here:

Account summary - data month to month

Your dedicated team will have the time, resources, knowledge, and skills to grow campaigns, improve account health and help your business thrive, which is the most important benefit after all. Check out my previous video to see if you’re ready for PPC Management Services.

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