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Day 32/100 of AdWords Help: Adding Keywords Fast

Being fast can be smooth when adding keywords

We are back with day 32 of 100 days of AdWords help! In case you missed the last article, catch up here. Today, we are going to talk about how to add keywords with speed. Why be fast when adding keywords? Being quick with keyword addition allows for ease of work, optimized campaigns, and staying ahead of the competition. What more could you ask for? Adding keywords is a fundamental task for proper campaign management. Being able to easily maneuver between spreadsheets(Excel or Google Sheets etc) and back to AdWords Editor is vital for saving you a lot of time.

Why use spreadsheet software?

It might sound obvious, but it keeps you organized! AdWords Editor practically begs you to utilize these platforms to upload sheets directly into campaigns. Inside your spreadsheet, you can populate columns with segments like campaigns, ad groups, match types, bids, and keywords. AdWords Editor will seamlessly try to integrate these same column parameters inside of AdWords Editor. Another big advantage is your ability to control strategy. Using Excel and AdWords Editor together allows you to change around bids for various match types, play around with ad groups, and reevaluate keywords. Using a program like Excel makes it easy because you can pre-define your columns instead of having to create the very same inside AdWords Editor. Excel allows you to easily format and change your rows and columns. Once you find a strategy that you want to load into AdWords Editor, it’s just a simple click of a button. All of this allows you to be faster and much more organized. Time is too valuable to waste when you have other areas to maintain in your paid search strategy. Making any part of the process quicker and more efficient will go a long way to making your campaigns successful.

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