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Day 31 of 100 Days of Adwords Help: How to Use AdWords Call Extensions

All About AdWords Call Extensions

It’s tough to design compelling online ads with attractive descriptions. It can be especially difficult when you want to include things like your business phone number. You risk wasting precious characters on mere digits. Instead, maybe you’re hoping your ad is intriguing enough to entice leads to click on it and be redirected to your site. But is there an easier way?

The resounding answer is “yes!” This is where “call extensions” kick in. Call extensions are a part of ad extensions and play an essential role in your ad campaigns. They’re meant to optimize your online strategy and give your business an extra advantage.

How Can Call Extensions Help You?

Call extensions have one main benefit: they allow you to incorporate your business phone number into your ads . You might ask yourself, “Why is this new feature important for me?”

First, by using call extensions in your ads, leads and customers can instantly call you. You make it easier than ever for someone to reach you.

Second, call extensions can increase your click through rate (CTR). These extensions provide another way for users to engage with your ads.  This increased engagement will increase your quality score. Hence, the bigger your CTR, the better your quality score and, in turn, the lower your cost per click (CPC). This gives you a significant advantage over your competitors.

If you’re interested in the technical details, you can learn more about the relationship between quality score and CPC here.

Setting Up Call Extensions

So, how do you set up call extensions in your AdWords Account?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the campaign you want to set up call extensions with.
  2. Click “Ad Extensions”
    adwords ad extensions in menu
    Menu -> Ad Extensions
  3. Click “Call Extensions”where to find call extensions
  4. Add the Phone Numberadding adwords call extensions

Tracking Data with Call Extensions

Have you ever had this problem? Your E-commerce sales don’t reflect the data saved on your AdWords account. If so, you’re among a large group  of businesses out there. Let’s get ahead of the curve with some advanced call extension tactics.

1. Install Call Extensions

As I’ve said before, you must do everything to stay ahead of the competition. The best way to do that is to build a successful AdWords campaign.

2. Track Calls as Conversions

Check out this article if you’re interested in the enormous benefits of tracking phone calls.

You’ll notice during set-up you have the option to “count calls as conversions.” You’ll want to make sure that option is turned on.

set up reporting for phone call conversions
Always track conversions.

3. Optimize!

Ad extensions tell you who’s calling, who’s converting, how long calls last, and so on. You can reach a greater audience if you keep a close eye on the stats provided by the call extensions. Look over your data before you try different keywords for your ad campaign. It’s crucial to know which keywords are converting and which ones aren’t.

Utilizing Call-Only Campaigns

The final feature I would like to talk about today is the advanced call-only campaign. Call-only advertisements encourage leads to call you instead of clicking your ad and directed to a landing page. Call-only campaigns aren’t suitable for every business. This is especially true if you’re an online business, as your customers need to scroll through your only campaign in adwords

Yet, it might be a different story if you’re a local pizza delivery service. In this case, receiving a phone call is the swiftest way of receiving an order. If you’re a 24-hour locksmith, it’s better to have your customers call you right away. In these cases, a call-only campaign will work for you.

Nowadays, staying ahead of the curve involves embracing technological improvements. This fits into a larger AdWords general strategy: if any new tool is available to you, you must use it. When it comes to online marketing, take advantage of the tools at your disposal. It will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Call extensions are a useful tool and one that many businesses forget to use. Adopt new features like call extensions. You will improve your click through rate and your quality score. In turn, you’ll start decreasing your cost per click. Once you’ve achieved that, you’re on your way to winning the AdWords game.

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