Day 42 Of AdWords Help: Before You Raise Your Bid, Raise Your Quality Score

When you are looking to make an impact, where do you go first? More keywords? Accelerating your budget? What about raising bids?

While raising bids certainly has its place in the PPC-world, it’s sometimes mistaken as a fix-all.

Next time you’re looking to improve your account, you may consider your Quality Score.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is comprised of ad relevance, landing page experience, and Click-Through Rate (CTR%). It takes more time to gather CTR% on new keywords, so until that data comes in, try tweaking and testing different ad copy, as well as the page they point to on your website.

Ad Copy Testing

As best you can, try to get your exact keyword(s) in your ad copy. You can also try dynamic keyword insertion to help with this. Make sure your ads have details descriptions that make sense with your headline.

Checking Your Quality Score Components

Apart from adding the Quality Score column in the AdWords interface, check out the Status column. There you’ll find a small word-bubble when hovered over, it will show you a breakdown of the three quality score components, showing you what needs your attention.

10/10 QS

Make sure that you have chosen the best possible landing page that reflects what your ad is saying. There’s nothing more annoying to visitors that click an ad expecting to see one thing, but land somewhere else. That’s a recipe for an instant visitor bounce.

Take some time to review your keyword quality scores before simply raising bids, and you may just save yourself some money while improving the overall health of your account.



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Bobby Pulte

Bobby Pulte

I was initially attracted to the world of PPC due to its capabilities to make a direct and immediate impact on growing businesses. Finding just one sweet spot keyword can result in a positive return in no time flat. It’s a good feeling to be able to sit back at the end of the day and know you’ve helped not only yourself but others as well.
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