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Day 41 Of AdWords Help: Get Specific With Remarketing

Are all remarketing lists created equal? Absolutely not! So, how can you get your remarketing on another level? Let’s take a look at some different strategies.

It starts with your audiences

If you take a look at your audiences, what do you see? All Visitors? An automatically generated list from Google Analytics? If so, know that you could be doing so much more.

Selling multiple products or service types means you shouldn’t rely on an all visitors or a homepage visitor audience. It’s very simple to create visitors of a certain product page, which you can then remarket to.

Build your remarketing lists

Navigate to your audiences under the Shared Library, and click on the + Remarketing List button. Here you will identify the exact page URL that you want to remarket to. Choose your desired settings, then hit save.

Creating a new remarketing list

You can then apply this remarketing list to a specific campaign or ad group that only deals with that product. Rinse and repeat this process until you have all the audiences you need to better control who you are remarketing to.

You can take this a step further and create a list of those visitors who have already converted on your website. If what you sell doesn’t typically result in repeat customers, you can apply this list to a campaign or ad group and set it so that list will not be remarketed to, which will help with your CTR%.

Take time to review and build out your list of remarketing audiences, and take more control of your account!

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