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Day 36 Of AdWords Help: Location Optimization

When is it a good idea to bid on a large area versus specific areas? The whole of the United States versus Austin, Texas only? Pittsburgh and its surrounding area, or all of Pennsylvania?

What kind of business do you run?

If you manage a location dependent business, fear not, there are campaign location settings found in AdWords that you can take advantage of to target your specific location and that location alone.

Check your settings

Under your campaign settings, you’ll find “edit” in the locations section. By clicking on that, you can choose your desired locations, and go even further and use radius targeting to capture traffic in areas around your chosen location. In the “advanced” settings for locations, be sure to select “people in my targeted area”, so no traffic can leak in from elsewhere.

Not only can you choose specific locations to target, but you can optimize each area with a bid modifier. Getting detailed with your campaign locations is an advanced way to take more control over your AdWords account and by using the bid modifiers for to adjust for stronger / weaker areas you’ve targeted is something that should not be overlooked.  

Learn more about that in this short video below.