Mobile Marketing Trends For 2020

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2020

Just like any other industry, mobile marketing trends change every year. Most of the mobile marketing trends correlate with the innovations of mobile devices.  

Today the innovations of mobile devices lean towards artificial intelligence, artificial reality, voice search development, and so on. However, these are not fully integrated into people’s lives yet. Therefore, it is pointless to concentrate on marketing with those channels. 

For this reason, mobile marketers continue counting on channels that have previously worked to be the most efficient. Below we present four channels that will certainly be among the top mobile marketing trends for 2020. 

1. Content Marketing

Content is one of the most critical components of mobile marketing. It allows marketers to think outside of the box, experiment, and embrace their brand identity. Because of its practicality, content marketing will remain relevant and trendy in 2020. 

On average, people spend three hours a day on their mobile devices. Therefore, mobile marketers’ mission should create engaging content for users. For each type of content, there are tips to follow to reach its full potential. Keep in mind that whatever the content is, it must be share-worthy on social media to reach a broader audience. 

Written Content

If you have written content on your website, like blog posts or product descriptions, try to break it down into smaller paragraphs. People tend to skim through passages, so it is better to have small ones, with a lot of bold headings. Typically, 3-4 sentences should be enough for each paragraph. This grabs the readers’ attention better, making the written content more compelling.

Video Content

Audiovisual content on your website also needs to be short and concise for two reasons. First, shorter videos use less bandwidth, thus decreasing the website’s load speed. Second, people are impatient and don’t like to watch longer videos. Hence, try to use shorter videos to engage audiences better.

Images and GIFs

Images and GIFs give you more freedom concerning the style of the visuals. The only thing to consider is the size of your images or gifs. They also tend to increase the load speed, so you should upload visuals with smaller sizes.  

2. Mobile SEO

Search engines are irreplaceable tools to get information about products, services, or anything for that matter. When looking for a product or service, search engines are the first place the majority of people go. 

Voice Search Optimization

SEO is especially important now when virtual voice assistants are gaining more popularity. 

Bearing this in mind, it is critical to put a strong effort into voice search engine optimization. Statistically speaking, 50% of all search queries worldwide will be through voice search. Consequently, focus on keywords that are relevant for voice search. 

People typically don’t go further than the first page. Your goal should be to appear on the first page of voice search results.  

Don’t forget the other 50% and work on text search optimization as well. Remember that voice assistants don’t fully dominate the search engines and a big portion of people still prefer text search.

3. SMS Blast

SMS blast is the practice of sending a single promotional message to a broad audience at once. You may wonder what is so special about SMS blast, especially now when social media messaging is more practical. Let’s dive into it and see why it will be trendy in 2020. 

Modern marketing channels have one major disadvantage that SMS marketing doesn’t. Almost all of those channels reach out to only a limited number of people from the target audience. The reason is that people usually see too many ads during the day, so they are used to ignoring most of them. 

SMS marketing stands out in this regard. Relying on SMS marketing ensures that 98% of your target audience will see your promotional message. The number is reasonable, considering that people prefer communication by text messages. This is why they check the incoming SMS message instantly after receiving one. 

However, getting the most out of SMS blast is not as easy as that. There are many practices to follow in order to take advantage of this productive channel. Here are some tips for an effective SMS marketing campaign in 2020:

Personalize Your Text Messages

Most SMS providers have options that let you personalize text messages for a certain group of contacts. Utilize this feature to show extra care for your customers, especially those who are loyal to your brand.

Use Call-to-Action Phrases

Call-to-Action, or CTA phrases, trigger consumers to at least consider checking the suggested product/service. They are meant to catch the recipient’s attention which increases the chances of the message being read.

Include a URL in the Message

Text messages are limited to 160 characters, which you use to put up a convincing sales pitch. The rest of the job can be done through a URL to your website with additional information. This might not be useful for every single SMS campaign, yet for most of them it is an absolute necessity.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have grown to be more popular than websites, mostly due to their high practicality. Mobile users have a much better user experience with an app on their devices than on a desktop website. 

Having a specialized mobile application for your products or services can increase your sales to a considerable degree. It is an effective advertising channel for your brand in mobile app stores that have millions of users. Besides, you can have a push notifications strategy that will remind your customers about you every once in a while.  

A mobile app allows you to combine everything from online transactions to customer support to even updates about new products all in one place. It can potentially increase brand loyalty among existing customers. Therefore, having an app for your brand is beneficial both for you and your clients. 

In order to promote your app, incentivize customers to download it by offering discounts or coupons. This will improve your app’s rating in the app stores, increase sales, and bring in more customers. Aside from discounts and coupons, you can also promote your app in the app stores. This is an effective channel considering that app stores have tons of traffic daily.

Final Thoughts

Mobile devices are an integral part of people’s lives. They transfer everything a person needs (i.e. wallets, communication means, newspapers, car keys, and so on) into a pocket-sized device. 

The marketer’s task has always been to develop hand-in-hand with up-to-date trends. As the world moves towards mobile devices, it is especially important that marketers know the mobile marketing trends and aim to comply with them. Content, SEO, SMS marketing, and mobile apps are what brings the most results today. 

Azat Eloyan

Azat Eloyan

Azat Eloyan is a digital marketer and mobile marketing enthusiast.
With over 5 years’ experience in content marketing and SEO, he believes that valuable and informative content is key.
He is currently working as a marketing specialist in the text marketing industry.

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