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Download AdWords Editor (Day 24 of AdWords Help)

I have a few choice words for the AdWords Web Interface. This is why this post is about why you should download AdWords Editor. When you log into and start poking around, you’ll find that pages are often slow to load, and occasionally they won’t load at all.

How about trying to add 50 new pieces of ad copy at once? What about sending a colleague a list of the top 100 converting keywords.  Try to do this through the AdWords Web Interface, and you’re asking for a headache.

There are certain tasks that the web interface simply isn’t capable of completely in a quick manner. Even if you don’t have a large account, your time is still valuable. Start saving time with routine tasks.

Don’t be afraid, while AdWords Editor might look scary, it’s quite easy once you know where everything is.

Let’s talk about the biggest reasons to download AdWords Editor.

adwords editor picture
Save a ton of time with AdWords Editor.

Download AdWords Editor

First, you’ll want to download AdWords Editor. As Google calls it “The AdWords Power Tool. You can download here:

download adwords editor
Where to Download AdWords Editor

Top 2 Time Savers of AdWords Editor

I use AdWords Editor daily. In fact, it’s always open on my computer. While you can do 100’s of time-saving AdWords tasks inside Editor, here are the top 2 activities that make up 80% of my time inside of AdWords Editor.

  1. Bulk-Adding Positive Keywords, Negative KeywordsAd Groups, and Ad Copy
  2. Quickly Change Bids and Destination URL‘s

How to Bulk Add Keywords, Ads, Ad Groups and More with AdWords Editor

I remember when I was first learning AdWords many years ago. I was adding keywords one by one using the web interface thinking, “I know there is a faster way to do this.” I remember reading Advanced Google AdWords (still one of my favorite books) by Brad Geddes, where he had an entire chapter on AdWords Editor. However, nowhere does it mention the most important thing you need to use AdWords Editor to upload changes: Excel templates.

Excel (or Open Office) will be your link to adding new keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, etc. – anything you want to bulk-upload in AdWords, you’re going to use a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets Need the Proper Format

You can’t create just any random file with a list of your specifications. Your spreadsheet needs the proper Editor format. Where do you get this format? Look no further than AdWords itself.

Here’s how to find the spreadsheet templates.

From any section, click “make multiple changes” (see below)

make multiple changes in adwords editor
How to open up “make multiple changes” inside AdWords Editor.

This will open up a new pop-up, where you will see every column header. Make sure your column headers from your spreadsheet match up.

Use column headers when bulk-uploading into AdWords Editor
These column headers are what you want to use when bulk-uploading into AdWords Editor

Since AdWords Editor is holding the column header for you when you paste into AdWords, you don’t need to copy your column headers from your spreadsheet.

copy from excel to adwords editor
You don’t need to copy your headings since they’re already listed in Editor itself.

You can upload almost everything into AdWords Editor.

  • Positive Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Geographic Locations
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads

Anything in the  “Manage” tab in the bottom left of AdWords Editor can be bulk uploaded.

elements that can be bulk uploaded
After selecting what you want to manage, you can hit “make multiple changes” to bulk upload.

Quickly Make Bid and URL Changes

Ever want to change your landing page for 100’s of ads at once? Maybe you read about broad match keywords, and you want to lower all your broad match bids immediately. Thanks to AdWords Editor, you can make these changes in under 10 seconds.

  • From the Keywords or Ads Tab, click on the drop-down near “make multiple changes.”
  • That’s it.
how to change urls and bids
From the Ads or KW Tab, just click this drop down.

Hopefully, this will save you time when managing your account. More importantly, hopefully, it helps improve your campaign structures, bid management, making them more profitable.

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