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Bing Ads

Get Started With Bing Ads Quickly | Search Scientists
Shire Lyon

Bing Ads Setup – The Quickstart Guide

Most of us use Google Ads and are quite familiar with it. You may have considered Bing Ads in the past but hesitated because you didn’t know how to set it up or thought it didn’t have enough traffic.

With 36% of the US market for searches, Bing is a large audience to be missing out on. The network offers an import directly from Google and easy setup if you’re starting from scratch.

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Bing Ads - Search Scientists
Karolina Facchin

Bing Ads – Why You Should Embrace This Platform and Improve Your Bottom Line

As marketers, we get so caught up in Google Ads that we may forget any other search engines exist. Bing often gets swept to the side when we create marketing strategies and look for ways to expand our advertising.

But there are many reasons why it’s worth a second look. Think of using Bing Ads as a chance to hang out at the private beach over a day of lying on a crowded beach.

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Dynamic Search Ads - Search Scientists
Andreea Popa

Day 49 Of 100 Days Of Google Ads Help: Dynamic Search Ads –
Supercharge Your PPC Account

Howdy, Search Scientists friends! In today’s post, we are going to talk about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), Google Ads’ solution for you to increase your PPC campaigns’ reach and drive incremental volume to your website.

We’ll cover a lot of things, including what Dynamic Search Ads are, how their targeting works, who should use them and what their benefits are, and much more.

Let’s dive right in!

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