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Day 43 Of AdWords Help: Ad Preview & Diagnosis

Have you ever wanted to check that your ad is appearing in a certain state? How about a specific city on the mobile platform? Need to know if you appear on the first page for a certain keyword, but don’t want to rack up an impression? The Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool is there to help you do just that.

You can navigate to the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool near the top of the AdWords interface, under the “Tools” tab.

What does the tool do for you?

Among other things, you can use the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool to:

  • Check your position against other ads for your keywords
    • This will help you identify areas in your ad copy you can split test against current ads.
  • The exact keyword that triggered your ad in a given ad group
  • Check to make sure your ads look good across multiple platforms

ad preview and diagnosis tool

It can also help you diagnose any issue you may be experiencing, such as:

  • Low ranking
  • Poor quality score
  • Negative keywords blocking your ads

Ad Preview & Diagnosis is a helpful tool that AdWords provides you to help troubleshoot issues, as well as confirm your ads are showing properly in real time. Use it to your advantage!


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Bobby Pulte

Bobby Pulte

I was initially attracted to the world of PPC due to its capabilities to make a direct and immediate impact on growing businesses. Finding just one sweet spot keyword can result in a positive return in no time flat. It’s a good feeling to be able to sit back at the end of the day and know you’ve helped not only yourself but others as well.
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