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Foundations of Retargeting: The Bottom of Funnel List

What happens to most of the people that visit your website? They leave, of course. Your credentials don’t matter. Your product or service quality are irrelevant. It’s a rule of human nature on the internet that most people will not be ready to buy when they view your site. Call it the “Law of the Non-Converting Majority”. For most websites, their conversion rates for purchases hover in the low single digit range. Start thinking of retargeting as your way to boost conversion rates. It’s your chance to followup.
  • If 100 people visit your site and you convert one person (1% conversion rate)
  • Start thinking of retargeting as your way of bringing back the 99% to grab additional conversions
  • Why bother with the 99%? Well, for starters, they already did the hard work to find your site. They already clicked on an ad, or viewed a blog post, and found your site. Let’s capitalize on the opportunity.
Welcome to our Foundations of Retargeting Series. In our first of several posts, we’ll be analyzing BOFU, or “Bottom of Funnel” Retargeting.
Video Summary:
  • Improve conversions from your most engaged users with BOFU retargeting (Bottom of funnel retargeting)
  • Great marketing is all about the right offer at the right time to the right user. Don’t forget these marketing fundamentals in the busy world of online marketing on AdWords, Facebook Ads, and beyond.
  • Most people have 1 list when setting up their retargeting campaigns. If you’re getting mediocre results, you can level up you campaigns with a 3-audience technique.
  • Most people have trouble with this because it’s difficult to have a consistent funnel definition across businesses.
  • Make funnels easier. People are either top of funnel (cold traffic), mid funnel (leads but not commercially minded), and bottom of funnel (ready to buy).
  • For a long time, the only way to properly engage with each audience is to use marketing automation on your site with email. You should still do that, but can do a lot of fun things with retargeting.
  • With BOFU remarketing, we’re targeting people who are the most ready to buy.
  • You want to make it an absolute no-brainer to buy at this stage. The most popular ways to do this are with a coupon, free offer, or high-friction service offer (audit or proposal).
  • Build your spreadsheet:
    • Stage of Sales Funnel (Bottom of Funnel, BOFU)
    • User Behavior Rules: “What actions did a user perform so I know they are in the buying stage?”
    • What is my ad, offer, and landing page going to look like?
    • What’s the goal of this step?
  • Retarget like a champ

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