Welcome to the Search Scientists Blog | Search Scientists

Welcome to the Search Scientists Blog

It’s time to get scientific about improving your e-commerce store’s marketing.  I’m excited to welcome you e-commerce enthusiasts to the new Search Scientists Blog.

Here at Search Scientists, we help e-commerce stores break sales records using paid traffic (PPC/SEM). We help bring in millions of dollars of revenue each year on marketing channels including AdWords, BingAds, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Retargeting, Display and comparison shopping engines.

Here’s How the Blog Helps E-commerce Stores

If you spend time:

  • Desperately trying to get advertising costs to 15% of revenue
  • Feeling like you are rolling the dice with online marketing professionals
  • Trying to find way to rely less on the unpredictable worlds of SEO & the mysterious Facebook News Feed
  • Obsessively researching ways to build a predictable source of profit for your business

…then you’ve landed in the right place.

The goal of this blog is to share paid traffic insights we’ve gained from our experience managing millions of dollars of revenue for e-commerce stores.  

I’m designing every piece of content on this blog around the idea that every time you visit the Search Scientists Blog, you can more confidently navigate the world of e-commerce paid traffic marketing, improve your returns, and scale your paid traffic channels profitably.

Whether you’re early in the process (and still deciding if paid traffic is for you), are mid-stage and trying to turn your unprofitable campaigns around, or if you’re simply trying to move from 400% to 600% return on your ad spend, this blog informs you of one truth:

Paid traffic doesn’t have to be so hard!

Online advertising can become a trusted cog in the marketing machine of your business. One that doesn’t get pulled from underneath you every 6 months like an SEO update.

At Search Scientists, we’re here to help you build that marketing machine faster, more profitably, and without the headache.

Let’s Get Started

New to paid traffic? A great place to start is the search engine with about $40 billion in advertising revenue: Google.

Another great place to jumpstart your paid traffic journey is our mega-series: 100 Days of AdWords Help. This series is designed to give you a full understanding of the AdWords landscape so that you can better, more profitably manage your AdWords account.

100 Days of AdWords Help: Day 1: Before You Start Using AdWords

Have Questions? Leave a comment below or drop us a message.

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Emailing my clients and telling them I helped increase their return on ad spend by 300% never gets old. I love rising above the technical jargon and providing your business with online marketing momentum to reach new heights. Enthusiast for all things science, surfing, and Search Scientists.

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