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Leverage Search Psychology and Turn Traffic Into Customers

Episode 1: The Psychology of Search and Your Business

Mike and Rob are excited to kick off their first podcast. Rob tunes in all the way from South Korea to join Mike as they talk shop about strategies that small businesses can implement to connect with more customers online.

A fitting topic for their introduction podcast, these Search Scientists discuss the very foundation of all online marketing: The Psychology of Search.

It is important to take the time and understand how potential customers think and behave on the Internet. Ignoring this fundamental online marketing best practice can be the difference between a website that is flush with qualified traffic…or collecting cobwebs. This first episode of the Search Scientists podcast aims to help you get inside the heads of people to find out what they are searching on the Internet.

 How to Leverage Searcher Psychology for SEO & Sales

  • What is the psychology of searching online?
  • A reminder to think about why people head to the internet in the first place
  • It’s all about solving problems and answering questions for our customers
  • The disconnect between what people think and what they search
  • How a simple situation might yield dozens of different keywords
  • Create high quality, detailed pages for each keyword that applies to your business
  • The competition for these keywords is reduced as we increase specificity
  • If you have one page highlighting 10 services, you’re doing it wrong
  • Why the homepage isn’t always the best place to send all of your traffic
  • Meet the customer where their questions are
  • Create more content to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for
  • Qualification Pages help give customers find what they’re looking for
  • How to use a qualification page to help deliver trust
  • Use Keyword Research (Like the AdWords Keyword Tool) to find out what people are looking for

Ask a Search Scientist:

  • Local Business? Remember to include local terms on your webpage. Example: Your Service + Location (Construction Company + Los Angeles)

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