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Private Reporting Dashboard Updated Daily & Monthly In-Depth Data

Optimizing a PPC account doesn’t mean much if there is no measurement for gauging success. That’s why at Search Scientists, we take time early in the client relationship to set up a private reporting dashboard as well as send regular in-depth data to our clients.

Private Reporting Dashboard

We work with you to identify the most useful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for focus in our PPC data dashboards. Trying to hit that lower CPA on your email signups? We can show you those numbers. Looking to spend $10,000 per month with a return of investment of at least $30,000? We’ll lay it out easily for you to see.

Our dashboards update daily and are private between you and Search Scientists. Check in on the newest data at any time!

Monthly In-Depth PPC Reporting

Each month we review what happened in the previous month’s worth of PPC optimization. What worked, what didn’t, and we diagnose why or why not. This is how we keep on pace with hitting our quarterly goals, identify new PPC trends to implement, and make sure we’re always on the same page with you, our valued client.

Take a peek at how our reporting dashboards look like on our PPC Hall of Fame page.

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Bobby Pulte

Bobby Pulte

I was initially attracted to the world of PPC due to its capabilities to make a direct and immediate impact on growing businesses. Finding just one sweet spot keyword can result in a positive return in no time flat. It’s a good feeling to be able to sit back at the end of the day and know you’ve helped not only yourself but others as well.

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