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Feeling overwhelmed with getting your PPC strategy off the ground?

e-commerce And lead generation PPC Management on
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PPC for Small Business - Search Scientists

Our Launch Program is perfect for:

Are you new to PPC and totally overwhelmed?

PPC is a highly technical type of marketing that requires a great deal of knowledge, upkeep, and constant attention to PPC trends as the platforms are ever changing. 

Don’t worry –  you’re not alone when you’re with Search Scientists. We can spare you from wasting time (or money) on DIY experiments in your small business PPC accounts. Our experts will build / optimize / expand your campaigns with efficient spend, well-thought-out strategy, and data-driven optimizations. 

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small business ppc management

curious if PPC is right for your business?

While PPC can be a fantastic marketing tool (and the secret sauce behind a lot of successful brands), the many variables influencing individual success means that PPC doesn’t always work for all products, businesses, or niches. 

Our launch program sets out to find out if Search Engine Marketing is the missing piece to accelerating your business’s growth goals. By having an expert launch and optimize your campaigns, you can confidently explore the viability of PPC for your business in a short time frame. 

Small Business PPC Management

3-Month Contract, Starting at:

$ 1785
per month
  • Choose one: Google Ads + Bing OR Facebook Ads + Instagram OR Amazon Ads
  • Campaign build out with attention to proper structure, targeting, and setup
  • Monthly call with campaign manager to discuss strategy and results
  • Unlimited e-mail support and all e-mail queries answered in 1 business day.
  • Industry leading activity and attention to each campaign
  • "No Bull$h*t" Viability Audit towards the end of Launch Program

minimal commitment, maximum transparency

Minimal Commitment

Our fundamental 3-month commitments are long enough to build out, optimize, and test your foundational campaigns, but short enough that you will not be tied down for longer than necessary. 

Maximum Transparency

Transparency is one of our core values at Search Scientists. (It’s one of the main reasons that we are so forthright with sharing our pricing without making you jump through hoops to see it like other PPC agencies.)

Towards the end of your 3-month Launch Program, you’ll receive a No Bull$h*t Viability Audit. 

This audit will review your campaigns and give you honest suggestions on how to proceed after you graduate from our 3-month program. 

PPC for Small Businesses - Launch Program FAQ

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with PPC and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is probably lying to make a sale. We strive to make educated predictions about our added value for well-established PPC accounts, however, businesses that qualify for our Launch Program are too new to business or PPC for us to make a forecast.

The truth is that there is always some risk involved with starting PPC, and we will not make promises that we might not be able to keep. Having said that, we have an excellent track record of helping businesses grow beyond their wildest expectations.

This can vary based on product, service, niche, and product-market fit. We’ve seen some accounts hit the ground running and hit profitability within just a couple of weeks. In other cases, it may take months to reach those same results. There are so many variables that there is no way to tell until we’re well underway.

When you work with Search Scientists, we will do everything within our knowledge-base to launch, test, and optimize the best campaigns for your budget. Realistically, you should be prepared that the first couple of months can be unprofitable, or break-even at best, as our campaign management team works on gathering data and learning your market. This is completely normal and often unavoidable for businesses new to the market or new to PPC. With time, we’ll be able to use the information gathered in the first couple of months to take a more scientific and technical approach to get things cookin’.

Our goals are always centered around you and your success, and our work will be focused on seeing your business prosper.

In general, the higher the budget, the faster we can gather data for optimizing and launching more profitable campaigns.

We recently polled our campaign management team, asking their individual thoughts on what the absolute minimum ad spend they felt was necessary in order to properly optimize an account. Two-thirds of our team believed that $1,000-$1,500 were good target minimums.

While we did have at least one optimist who thought they could work with a smaller budget, we’ve set the minimum budget for this program at $1,500. Anything less and you’d be unlikely to see profitability or potential to scale within the Launch time frame.

Our PPC Launch Program has a three-month commitment. After nearly a decade of working with clients at all levels, we don’t believe that PPC viability can be judged with less than three months of data collection, optimization, and hard work.

Every business is different and there are many variables, so this will vary from person to person and company to company. Generally, we will begin our focus on Shopping, Search, and Remarketing campaigns in the first three months.  However, this will vary from business to business, based on the niche and the current account setup. You’ll find out more during your kickoff call with your campaign manager.

By the time the launch program is over, your account structure will be optimized into a complete top to bottom PPC funnel.

In your last couple of weeks of the Launch Program, you’ll receive a Search Scientists No Bulls$*t Audit (SS NBA) and performance review. You’ll receive an honest assessment on how your campaigns have been going, and whether we think PPC is a worthwhile investment for your business.

If we think PPC is not a great match for your business or product, we’ll tell you that as well. Our aim is to assist you with making the best decision for your business with the data we’ve gathered during the Launch Program.

Almost, but not quite. While we will take care of the technical side of PPC, there are definitely areas where you will need to stay involved:

  • We’ll need access to your PPC accounts and analytics, and we may need your help getting conversion tracking setup.
  • You’ll need to continue working on your on-page conversion-rate optimization for your website, landing pages, and product pages. Your campaign manager might make suggestions on your landing pages. It’ll be up to you to make those changes or loop in your developer or designer.
  • We strive to be terrific communicators with response times of one business day, and we ask for similarly speedy communication on your end if we run into any issues or have any questions. In addition, you’ll need to be able to make time for phone call strategy sessions with your campaign manager.
  • You’ll need to continue working on general business strategies and on your non-PPC marketing.
  • You’ll need to build and maintain your product feed. (If you move to our standard management services, we can take over managing your feeds.)

Before launching your PPC, there are a few things you should have done:

  • For e-commerce stores, you should have plenty of inventory and have an established relationship with your suppliers.
  • You should have registered an account with your chosen PPC platform (Google Ads + Bing OR Facebook Ads). Make sure to set up your billing information too.
  • Google Analytics should have been set up for your site/ store.
  • You should have set up your product feeds.

Once you’ve decided you want to work with us, onboarding is fast and smooth. You could be up and running in as little as a few days!

Our coaching program is a great fit for business owners who have plenty of time to learn, the technical/analytical skills to run PPC campaigns, and for those who enjoy the thrill of long-term bid optimization.

Our launch program, on the other hand, is designed to help entrepreneurs who are wearing too many hats, and not enough time to do it all. By taking PPC management off your plate, we free up your time and mental load so that you can focus on other areas of your business that are important to your long-term success.

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