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Running a successful PPC Campaign consists of many moving parts: long-term strategy and vision, the day-to-day optimizations, continual monitoring of split tests, and so much more.

In order for us to be at our best, we ask our clients to get involved when called upon. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your PPC management is as successful as possible.

1. Honest & open communication and feedback

An open and honest dialogue is crucial to ensure we are on the same page and abreast of your ever-evolving business goals. We ask you to commit to bringing up any concerns, fears, and to be generally forthcoming in feedback. Further, keeping our team up to date on any website changes, product offerings, sales (and more), will help keep us ahead of the competition and ensure we won’t be wasting any energy where we shouldn’t be.

2. Trust

We’ve found that our longest relationships and fastest growing accounts have one important thing in common – trust

A quick visit to our PPC Hall of Fame shows lots of examples of this happening in real life. There’s a lot that goes into great PPC management, including experimentation, a/b campaign testing, and trying new avenues for growth. While these experiments won’t always be fruitful, they are an important part of finding the right formula for long-term success. Our most successful clients know that the road to success will not always appear as straightforward as we’d all like, but they do trust in the process.

3. Knowing your business and actively diversifying your efforts

PPC works best as part of a larger-scale strategy, including active efforts to improve:

  • – organic SEO
  • – branding
  • – effective website copy and optimized landing pages
  • – conversion rate optimization
  • – other efforts to increase margins and/or profits

PPC alone won’t save a site with a poor conversion rate of… say… one percent or lower.  And while we don’t pretend to be experts in any field outside of PPC, we will gladly offer some landing page feedback, when necessary, so your web design team can make optimizations to help with conversion.

Know your numbers

Knowing what your products average order value is, or the lifetime value of a lead is helpful for us to set landmarks and targets with our bids. If these aren’t known, we have no way of measuring success and growth.

Our best clients know that working side by side with us is the quickest way to set ourselves up for success, and we’re looking forward to accomplishing that with you!