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Companies that Grow and Rank Faster on Amazon Send Google Ads to their Amazon Store

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Off-Amazon marketing leads to boosts in organic ranking. More ranking, more sales. 

Amazon wants you to run Google Ads to your listing... and they will pay you for it!

Amazon is actively incentivizing off-Amazon traffic to poach sales from competitor companies like Shopify or Walmart.

Amazon will reward you for running Google Ads to your product listings: 

Search Scientists

The Google To Amazon Experts

Search Scientists is proud to offer a service that will help amazing Amazon brands to grow even faster than before. Search Scientists is focused solely on Google Ads. You will get the best systems designed to maximize revenue and minimize cost when combining our pooled expertise.

And Search Scientists have provided PPC management to help businesses for over a decade. They’re focused on crafting long-term partnerships with clients through excellent PPC management and client growth. 

It’s time to team up and bring Amazon sellers like you more sales, better rankings, and faster growth.

Heather Scholten
Heather Scholten
Search Scientists Client
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"I speak incredibly high about you guys and refer people constantly. You've truly been a pleasure to work with."

Travis Jameson
Travis Jameson
Search Scientists Client
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"Working with the Search Scientists team has been incredible. My Google Ads account reached record levels of conversions within a few weeks. As a business owner and marketer myself, being able to work with a team that communicates, delivers results, and has a true passion for what they do is exactly what I was looking for. I can't imagine getting my PPC done by anyone else."

Our Experts have a proven formula for success

Your listings are in great hands.

Why you should sync your Google Ads to your Amazon listings

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Want Search Scientists to Run Google Ads to Your Amazon Listing?

Let us help you grow and rank faster on Amazon. 


Yes, we recommend you create your own Google Ads account.

You: Provide your Ad Badger manager with the products you wish to advertise on Google, as well as a monthly budget. You’ll also fill out a questionnaire. 

Ad Badger: Creates attribution links and provides you with updates and reports.

Search Scientists: Creates Google Ads campaigns built around the chosen products, sets and adjusts bids, adds negative keywords to ensure traffic quality, and sends periodic reports to the Ad Badger team. Search Scientists will continue to routinely optimize and refine your ads for best performance. 

Once traffic is flowing from Google Ads to Amazon (1-3 days after campaign launch), we recommend driving at least 100 clicks to the products before we can begin to accurately measure progress (7-14 days after campaign launch).

Search Scientists is a PPC-focused digital marketing agency, specializing in Google Ads. Ad Badger has partnered with Search Scientists to bring you best-in-class Google Ads traffic and performance.

The sign-up and initial setup is a one time process. 

Optimization of your Google Ads is a task that requires indefinite routine optimization attention to respond to ever-changing market conditions.

If you should decide to add more products for advertising on Google, you will simply need to let your Ad Badger manager know, so they can create more attribution links for Search Scientists to deploy!