I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, and I’ve been involved with the internet ever since elementary school – when I created my band’s website.

At some point, was bit by several bugs. The first bug helped me find the joy in helping others. I have spent four very happy, very fulfilling years teaching biology, English, and other teachers how to better connect with their students around the world. I’ve got an education degree under my belt, and now I’m fortunate enough to watch my former students achieve incredible accomplishments.

To know that I’ve helped create (even just 0.01%) the next doctor, entrepreneur, successful individual is incredible. Now, I’m fortunate enough to help businesses achieve their marketing goals, and in turn, improve their business profits is equally as fulfilling.

The next bug that got me was the technology and science bug. Always asking why and wanting to find out the very best way to solve something is something that has always fascinated me. I can happily get lost in the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan for days. When I’m not helping my incredible clients achieve more using technology, I’m probably helping my parents use their Chromebook to chat on a Google Hangout.

The last bug to find me was the entrepreneurship bug. Stepping outside of my comfort zone to grow in a direction that was yet to explored has been incredibly exciting. What started out as a favor for a friend… “Oh yeah, let me help you with your business website”, transformed to freelancing, and blossomed to a business. Knowing that Search Scientists gets real results for real businesses around the globe makes all the 12 hour days worth it.

What I Do at Search Scientists

I spend my glucose on what matters most: Ensuring that my clients receive the very best online marketing experience from Search Scientists. I also author and create podcasts, videos, presentations on how small and medium businesses can better discover and connect with their customers online.

Other Things:

For the rare times when I’m not at the computer, I can be found:

  • Dreaming about going from beginner to pro

  • Studying Languages (Ciao Bella!)

  • Eating my favorite food, Chipotle Burritos

  • Wearing my signature boardshorts

  • At the dog park with Fidget

  • Spending time with my incredible wife, Lina

Things I’d Love to Do:

Learn to Cook!