Meet Cristian:

History taught us to never take evolution for granted.

I’ve been a PPC analyst for over 4 years now and I’ve seen how marketing concepts reinvent themselves to keep up with the new tools designed to bring us closer to what we need and want. We don’t have to waste time anymore when buying, we don’t have to sit in line to see the newest car model. We can finally invest more time in what really counts. Family, love, nature and also in a care free environment.

The Google Online Marketing Academy taught me that if you use technology the right way, you can connect people and ideas, but used improperly makes you waste time and money. As a management student I got to know the importance of a comprehensive approach, so I focused my Bachelor’s Degree on the efficiency of different types of business strategies. And, let me tell you something – it is good to be different.

Speaking of being different, I have a pet bunny and also have not one, but two black cats ( don’t trust the jinx, we make our own luck).

I yearn for the rush of a good motorcycling racing weekend and the thrill of a fair competition. If you take care of your body, don’t forget the mind, because reading a book might just open enough horizons. Mens sana in corpore sano.






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